Mono for Midrange


The port is in its early stages, so there isn't much documentation beyond the (currently outdated as we prepare better documentation) README for port-specific information. Any documentation present and specific to the port may be restructured until a stable release is achieved.

As Mono implements the .NET Framework and its associated specifications, the Microsoft Developer Network documentation for .NET classes and languages are still applicable. For Mono specific information, you may find Mono upstream documentation to be useful.

First Steps to Portability and Current Mono for Midrange Limitations

A well behaved .NET program will need minimal, if any changes to work under AIX or IBM i. However, you should keep these points in mind when porting:

Database support

The ODBC driver announced for PASE to connect to DB2 for i is supported on Mono. You can install it when IBM i 7.4 hits GA. DB2 for i can also be accessed via XMLSERVICE or other web services.

Support for other ADO.NET providers may vary.