Mono for Midrange

Information about Mono for IBM i and AIX

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Mono on Midrange Communities

You can talk about Mono for Midrange at:

  • IBM i OSS Ryver: Join the .NET group. If you aren't already in this group, you can join here.
  • Midrange: The OPENSOURCE list is a good place to discuss.
  • IRC: ##ibmi on Freenode is another place to discuss the port.

Reporting Bugs and Other Issues

Issues you have can be filed in the public GitHub issues, where other issues on the roadmap are tracked. Many issues are already known; if you see an issue you encounter already filed, you might want to add a "reaction" to it to express interest in getting the issue fixed.

It's recommended you file issues with the Mono on Midrange specific issue tracker, rather than the upstream Mono one. If we determine an issue is with upstream Mono, we can file the issue on your behalf.

Direct Discussion

If you wish, you can talk to me directly. Email me at calvin [symbol seperating name from domain] cmpct [symbol seperating parts of a domain name] info.

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